Group Training

With our Group Training we provide a unique training environment working in 4/6 OR 8 Week blocks with a maximum number of 24 people per class. These are overseen by at least 2-3 coaches at all times. This allows as much attention to detail for each and every individual by our fully qualified coaches. All of our classes involve a combination of mobility, strength and conditioning.

B2B strong is designed to build a strong body that looks good a moves well.

B2B fit is designed to increase your bodies efficiency by strengthening your heart and lungs.

B2B Team is designed to enhance your training experience by offering up team challenges. A very fun and enjoyable training experience.

1 to 1 Personal Training

B2B Personal Training is our personalised coaching program for those looking to optimise their training, nutrition and ultimately results.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced athlete competing for higher honours, we will create a plan that is dedicated to you. Looking good & feeling good will be a by-product of our programming with the focus being on mindset, movement and nutrition whilst working towards your goals.

Semi - Private Group Training

This is the exact same as the small group training, the only difference is that you provide the group. Whether its you and a friend or you and a group of your friends looking to training together and split the cost.

Small Group Training

Much like personal training, small group training provides the exact same attention to detail needed to help you reach your goals. The only difference being in a small group environment (maximum of 6 people) This may be a more affordable option for those who can’t quite afford 1 to 1 training or those who are not quite ready for the bigger groups.

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