Think Group Training... But Better!

You will experience results like nothing before. This experience will leaving you wanting more every single time.

At Back 2 Basics we are anything but Basic…

I was a little apprehensive about joining B2B at first. Mostly because I was so out of shape and low on confidence, the worst I had ever been. I signed up for a personal training course for 8 weeks with Sean (Moe) Morris and boy was I pleased I did. There is a genuine sense of family in the gym, from the staff to the members as soon as you walk in the door everybody is friendly, helpful and full of energy. Although I was doing 1 to 1 training it really felt like I was part of the family over all. Sean really knows his stuff too and I couldn’t be happier with the results I gained in just a few short weeks. Not only that but he has taught me some valuable fitness lessons I can carry on with in my day to day life (20% a day 😀 ). Literally couldn’t recommend these guys more, question is when are you going to join us?

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The Basics are often overlooked and sacrificed for the wrong reasons and it is one of the main reasons why people’s progress usually plateau’s over time. This plateau is usually accompanied with discontent, low motivation levels and usually a complete drop off before starting the whole process again down the line.

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