Think Group Training... But Better!

You will experience results like nothing before. This experience will leaving you wanting more every single time.

At Back 2 Basics we are anything but Basic…

5 stars doesn't even scratch the surface. Sean is an unreal personal trainer. His techniques are great, he has so much patience & he knows how to progress you further when you're ready for it. Never judges you either (I was an absolute beginner when I started here). Now I've hit & surpassed all of my long terms goals with his help, and still progressing & striving for better. The best money you will ever spend

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The Basics are often overlooked and sacrificed for the wrong reasons and it is one of the main reasons why people’s progress usually plateau’s over time. This plateau is usually accompanied with discontent, low motivation levels and usually a complete drop off before starting the whole process again down the line.

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